hugh-swift-home4The experience Judge Hugh Swift has acquired over his 29 year legal career uniquely qualifies him for the position he currently holds – Calaveras County Superior Court Judge. As recently noted by retired Judge Douglas Mewhinney, “Judge Swift’s breadth of experience is indispensable in a two-judge court.”

For the first 13 years of his career, Judge Swift practiced civil litigation in Southern California. In 1999 he moved to Calaveras County and began his career with the California courts working as a research attorney for the Amador Superior Court. Soon thereafter he was promoted to the position of Court Executive Officer. In 2006 Judge Swift was appointed to serve as a Superior Court Commissioner. As a commissioner, Judge Swift presided over Child Support and Small Claims cases on a weekly basis. The decisions he made in those cases had the same legal force and effect as the decisions he currently makes as a judge. In December 2013, Judge Swift was appointed to the Calaveras Superior Court after a lengthy and thorough vetting process by the California State Bar’s Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation (JNE). A process only judges who are appointed by the Governor are required to go through and which is designed to determine an applicant’s qualifications, character and judicial demeanor.

Currently, Judge Swift hears criminal, civil, traffic, family law, probate, domestic violence and civil harassment cases. Since taking the bench, Judge Swift has presided over felony and misdemeanor jury trials, in addition to civil, family law and probate court trials.

Judge Swift hears the Drug Court calendar and is working with the Court’s justice partners and veteran’s advocates to establish a Veterans Treatment Court. More than 20 Superior Court Judges, including Judge John Martin and retired Judge Mewhinney of the Calaveras Superior Court endorse Judge Swift. In addition, he enjoys the support of educators, health care professionals, small business owners and members of the community.

Judge Hugh Swift has lived in Calaveras County for 15 years, where he is raising his children and is active in his community. Judge Swift was a partner in Newsome Harlow Wines and a member of the board of directors of Mind Matter Clinic in Murphys. He enjoys spending time hiking, hunting, riding horses and watching his daughters dance and play soccer.

Judge Swift has not sought the endorsement of any political party for this non partisan position.

We would like to endorse Hugh Swift for Judge of the Superior Court 2, a position in which he is already serving. We have known him personally for several years, and find him to be honest and thoughtful, both desirable qualities of a judge. We feel that he is and would be impartial and fair in his dealings, which is absolutely critical for this position. Hugh Swift has been scrutinized by those who appointed him to the position, and has endorsements of other judges. Hugh Swift is a true professi…
Rodger and Holly Orman